3 Individual Zodiac Signs May Have Mixed Emotions

At first, you may think that others around you simply can't get with your program.

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1. Aries

You may feel a little too pushy, mainly because you think you are both right and have 'the better way' of doing things


Pluto energy comes to you in its many forms this week, and you can't help but feel uneasy about your direction.

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2. Cancer

During Mercury's direct motion, you may feel relief as both your body and mind seem to relax to a degree.

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With all of this Mars and Pluto energy stirring you up, you can't help but feel like you will start screaming at any moment.

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3. Scorpio

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Mercury direct helps you focus more as the week comes to a close.


Life seems to ease up for you towards the end of the week, Scorpio, and you will get a chance to get yourself back on track.