3 Specific Zodiac Signs Refuse To Change For Love

Dashed Trail

1. Gemini

You feel you give enough and don't want to be asked to provide more when you don't believe you need to.


You are simply opposed to being inauthentic and don't feel your partner has the right to change who you are.

Dashed Trail

2. Leo

They keep asking for change, and you keep giving them what they want.

Dashed Trail


You no longer believe that it's all up to you, and so when you refuse to change on this day, it's going to be up to them.

Dashed Trail

You aren't interested in thinking of yourself as the only one who needs to make changes here.


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It's now or never, and if this relationship is going to work, then there has to be some change coming up.

3. Scorpio

It's as if your partner is testing you to see how much they can manipulate you in the name of change.