3 Zodiac Signs May Become Exclusive In Their Relationships

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1. Cancer

During Moon sextile Saturn on September 22, 2023, you will not want to wait any longer to find out.


You and your nerve, chutzpah and Saturn-driven need to know where this is headed.

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2. Leo

You don't want anything less, although the two of you have never broached the subject before.

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You'll get what you want and be proud that you were brave enough to stand up and say what's on your mind.

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Your partner will thank you for that, too. They needed this as much as you did.


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You don't do anything unless it's on one, and when it comes to romantic relationships, either the person commits you fully or they can walk.

3. Virgo

You are one with Saturn's mighty energy and when it comes to laying down the law, we turn to you, Virgo. Rock on with your bad self ... you did it!