5 exercise blunders that may cause heart attacks


Exercise is necessary for heart health, but it must be done carefully. Unfortunately, certain exercise blunders might raise heart attack risk.

Maintaining a healthy heart via exercise requires understanding and avoiding these mistakes. Here are five exercise blunders that might cause a heart attack.

Ignoring Medical History: Ignoring medical history is a major error. Before beginning a new fitness plan, visit a doctor if you have heart disease or other cardiovascular difficulties.

Overtraining: Overtraining may damage your heart. Chronic inflammation and heart disease may result from overtraining. Listen to your body, rest, and follow a balanced training plan that progressively builds intensity.


Skip Warm-Up and Cool-Down: Another typical error is not warming up and cooling down. A healthy warm-up prepares your heart and muscles for activity, while a cool-down progressively lowers your heart rate and blood pressure.

Bad Form and Technique: Poor form and technique during exercise may cause injury and heart strain. This applies to weightlifting and high-intensity activities.

Dehydration: Dehydration strains the heart. If you don't replace liquids lost via perspiration during exercise, your blood might thicken, making it harder for your heart to pump.