6 Foods That Are High in Cholesterol


Dietary changes are indicated for high LDL cholesterol patients. Cholesterol reduction is less essential and effective than saturated fat reduction. Here are six cholesterol-rich food categories.

Foods High in Cholesterol?

Heart-healthy diets have long recommended against whole eggs because the yolks contain cholesterol. Popular diets recommended egg whites alone for years. Whole eggs are low in saturated fat.


Many processed meats, which includes foods like bacon, sausage, jerky, deli meat, and hot dogs, contain dietary cholesterol and also tend to be rich in saturated fat.

Processed Meats


Shellfish like shrimp have high cholesterol and low saturated fat. Grilled shrimp has about 200 mg of cholesterol per cup. Those attempting to decrease LDL cholesterol consume this much dietary cholesterol everyday.


Butter may be recommended on the ketogenic diet, but it doesn't reduce LDL cholesterol. Butter substantially elevated LDL cholesterol levels compared to coconut oil and olive oil in a four-week trial.


LDL cholesterol is not raised by unsaturated fats. Healthy foods like olive oil, avocados, almonds, seeds, and fatty fish like salmon and sardines are high in unsaturated fats.

Unsaturated Fats

Higher intakes of red meat, which includes beef, pork, and lamb, are associated with a greater risk of elevated LDL cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.

Red Meat