6 Hidden Signs Your Depression Is Permanent


Disconnection from your eyesight causes this overpowering numbness. This is how your life strategy manifests in daily life. Life seems wrong when you're not living your vision. 6 Hidden Signs Your Depression Is Permanent.

You don’t realize you have a purpose and life vision. You wake up in the morning without a purpose and sense of direction, so you naturally want to go back to bed again.

 You feel as though you've been trained to do what others won't and that you've gradually lost touch with your dreams.

You feel generally unaware, and operate mostly on a subconscious level, as though you’re sleepwalking through life.


You feel numbed by stress, as though you function like a robot and at only the most rudimentary of levels.

You lack self-prioritization and don’t put yourself first — even though you’re the center of your “YOU-niverse."

You’re afraid to dream BIG — or feel it is safer for you to dream small — because you believe just don’t deserve more.