6 Ways to Add Iron  and Acids to Your  Coffee

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Sprinkle cinnamon for heart health

A potent (and scrumptious) dosage of antioxidants is delivered when cinnamon is added to your morning cup of coffee.

Ginger up your java for muscle pain

There are several health advantages to ginger that you are losing out on if you only eat it in bread form. 

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Boost your health shield with mushrooms

espresso and — mushrooms? OK, listen to us out. A beer made with fungi may have some unexpected health advantages. 

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Aid your digestion with a dose of turmeric

If you frequent health blogs, you’re probably no stranger to the infamous turmeric latte. The earthy, golden spice is a big deal for good reason.

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Maybe you’ve seen maca powder, made from the maca root plant, available at your local health store. 

Balance hormones with maca

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In a study on rats, the maca root, which has been used traditionally to increase fertility, was found to have hormone-balancing benefits.

The plant has also been investigated for its potential to boost sex desire, vitality, and physical performance.Reliable Source