7 harmful effects of Black Coffee


Moderate black coffee drinking has health advantages, while excessive use might impair your health. This article discusses seven negative effects of drinking too much black coffee.

Sleep Disturbances: Drinking too much black coffee, particularly in the afternoon or evening, might interrupt sleep. Its high caffeine level stimulates the nerve system, making sleep difficult.

Increased Heart Rate: Caffeine in black coffee may rapidly raise heart rate, causing palpitations and cardiovascular issues.

Digestive Issues: Coffee may irritate the stomach, causing acid reflux, indigestion, and stomach pain.


Anxiety and Nervousness: Especially sensitive people might be affected by black coffee's caffeine. Symptoms might disrupt everyday living and generate stress.

Dependence and Withdrawal: Black coffee may cause caffeine dependence. Reduced or stopped use might cause headaches, irritation, and weariness.

Bone Health: Excessive coffee may impair calcium absorption, harming bone health. Osteoporosis-prone people should be concerned.

Stomach Ulcers and Gastritis: Black coffee's strong acidity might worsen stomach ulcers or cause gastritis.