7 most loyal little dog breeds for families


The seven most faithful little dog breeds are listed in order. We based this on our research and views, so you may disagree. Which little dog breeds are the most loyal?

Which tiny dog breed is most loyal?

Bringing one of these friendly dogs home will be one of the closest friendships you'll ever form. Your “Velcro dogs” will be pleased no matter what you do, and their inquisitive but peaceful demeanor will make you delighted to involve them.

Shih tzus

You're not alone in being startled to find this spunky breed here. Chihuahuas are loyal to their families despite their spicy personalities. Chihuahuas are very loyal to their people.


Beagles aren't the most loving dogs on our list, but they'll spend time with you anyhow. Although hunting dogs prefer to run and play, family dogs adore scratching and cuddles.



The clever and obstinate wiener dog may be tough to teach, but devotion is guaranteed. They may get quite connected to one person, making them ideal for solitary people, college students, and older children.


This joyful, German-named “monkey-like terrier” is one of the oldest little dog breeds. Due to their background as working and companion dogs, they're ready for a stroll or a sofa session.


Cardigan Welsh corgis are charming and loyal, making them great dogs. The American Kennel Club calls Cardigan Welsh corgis “affectionate, loyal, and smart,” so you know they make terrific pets.

Cardigan Welsh corgis

One of the smallest dog breeds, Yorkshire terriers (Yorkies) weigh less than 7 pounds. Despite their teacup size, they may contain a lot of personality or attitude.

Yorkshire terriers