7 Reliable Green  Tea Health Benefits

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1. High in antioxidants

Matcha contains antioxidants, which may prevent chronic disease and reduce cell injury.

2. May help protect the liver

Several studies have demonstrated that matcha can prevent liver injury and reduce the risk of developing liver disease.

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3. Boosts brain function

It has been demonstrated that matcha improves attention, memory, and reaction time. 

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4. May help prevent cancer

Animal and test-tube research suggests that the compounds in matcha may inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells.

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Studies indicate that green tea and matcha can reduce several risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

5. May promote heart health

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Some studies indicate that green tea extract helps increase metabolism and fat burning, both of which may aid weight loss.

6. Helps you lose weight

Matcha can be prepared in a variety of ways, allowing you to choose the method you prefer. Additionally, it can be incorporated into a variety of cuisines.

7. Matcha tea is easy to prepare