7 signs your partner is going through depression


Finding depression in a relationship might be difficult since the signs may not be visible. A complicated mental health disease, depression affects both the sufferer and their loved ones.

Sadness persists Prolonged melancholy is a major indicator. Depression may be present if your spouse is consistently down or emotionally distant.

Loss of enjoyment Depression may make people lose interest in hobbies. Depression may cause your spouse to retreat from socializing, interests, and intimacy.

Sleep patterns Depression affects sleep. Your companion may have trouble sleeping or oversleep. People may remain up all night and sleep throughout the day.


Weight and appetite change Depression alters appetite, causing weight gain or loss. Others may lose interest in eating or binge to deal with their feelings.

Low energy, fatigue Depression may leave people exhausted even after a good night's sleep. This weariness may make individuals look sluggish and unable to do regular tasks.

Anxiety and restlessness Depression often causes sadness and irritability. They become angry easily, snap at family, or display wrath without justification.

Withdrawal and solitude Social isolation is common with depression. Your spouse may spend time alone and avoid friends and relatives. They may also shun parties and invites.