7 subtle signs of depression in men that are often overlooked


Men dislike confessing. This may emerge in adorable clichés like refusing to acknowledge they're lost or seek for assistance at the hardware shop. Same old “stubborn man” comedy tropes.

Men dislike confessing

Physical pain may be a major indication of male sadness. It may include headaches, stomach discomfort, back or joint pain, and more.

They keep getting strange pains.

Does your boyfriend say “I don’t care” often? Does he have trouble getting excited? Does he ignore everything and never comment?

They appear indifferent about everything.

Depression mutes all emotions, especially pleasure and joy, in males. Therefore, sad guys typically stop enjoying their hobbies.

They quit enjoying themselves.


Men find depression puzzling. They feel sad without knowing why. They feel agony without knowing why. Most guys lack social institutions or friendships to discuss their grief and bewilderment.

They're angry

Men may be embarrassed to mention this problem, which may compound their despair. However, a drop in desire and performance may indicate depression in your guy.

Unable to execute

If your partner works two jobs or night shifts, he may be fatigued. If your once-active guy napping at every chance, he may be sad.

Constantly sleeping

Depression stinks and distorts your worldview. Depression may make men pessimistic. If your guy can discover the bad side of every cloud, he may need assistance tapping into his positive feelings.

Constantly negative