7 Toxic Friends You Need To Lose By The Time

You know that one friend who will whine about anything and everything. Nothing is ever perfect.

Dashed Trail

1. The unhappy one

Do you still think it's a good idea to be friends? Only god can save you.

2. The hypocrite

Every time you share something, there is a snarky remark awaiting you. When you try something new

Dashed Trail

3. The one who pulls you down

We all have one in our lives, and we have all met one: the quintessential penny-pincher.

Dashed Trail

4. The penny pincher

I mean, how can a person be in a foul mood when you are around them, right?

Dashed Trail

5. The emotional freeloader

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However, if that is something you would rather not deal with, it is time to go your own ways.

6. The one who forgets

After all, what are friends for if not for knowing that someone always has your back?

7. The absent one