7 Ulcerative Colitis  People to Sleep  Better

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1. Try different sleep positions

Depending on your symptoms or which side of your intestinal system is more inflamed, certain sleeping postures can make UC flares worse.

2. Consider your medications

Certain UC drugs may make it more difficult to fall asleep. For instance, corticosteroids can occasionally be used to control UC flares.

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3. Talk with a healthcare professional

You don’t have to manage insomnia or other sleep troubles on your own.

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4. Eat an early dinner

that was doneThe evidence from Reliable Sources on the consequences of eating at night is conflicting.

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There is a link between UC and mental health issues that can interfere with your sleep, according to research.

5. Treat your mental health

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People with UC may benefit in a variety of ways from meditation, including improved sleep.

6. Meditate

You can sleep better if you establish regular sleeping patterns, often known as good sleep hygiene.

7. Practice good sleeping habits