7 Vegetables to Lower Bad Cholesterol and Prevent Heart Disease


High Cholesterol Tips: may be excellent or terrible. Cells operate on fatty substances. High cholesterol refers to the quantity of cholesterol carried in the blood by LDL, or "bad cholesterol".

Plant-based diets are cholesterol-free, low in saturated fat, and high in soluble fiber, which lowers cholesterol. Here are 7 healthful veggies to lower cholesterol:

Avocados- Rich in monosaturated fat and help to lower cholesterol. In addition, have fibres and Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Legumes - Plant foods that include beans, peas and lentils. Eating upto 100gms of legumes a day lowers "bad" LDL cholesterol by up to 6.6 mg/dl and also have weight reducing effects.


Garlic- Garlic can lower cholesterol by inhibiting production of LDL. In addition, it has allicin - which reduces LDL. It is considered best when consumed raw or lightly cooked.

Vegetable oils- Canola, sunflower, saffola and others in place of ghee helps lower cholesterol. Olive oil also helps lower cholesterol and has antioxidant properties.

Whole grain, oats, barley, jowar lower risk of heart diseases mainly via soluble fibers have beta glucan. 3 servings of whole grain per day can reduce heart diseases and stroke by 20%.

Soya beans and food from them like tofu and soya milk, consuming 25gm of soya protein a day can lower LDL by 5% to 6%. this is due to isoflavones, plant base chemicals to lower cholesterol.

Eggplant and okra are low calorie vegetables and are good source of soluble fibres.