7 Ways to Increase  Your Running  Stamina

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1. Start slow and tackle small steps

Smart idea to go slow and aim to make incremental gains in your training program.

2. Add strength training

You should incorporate resistance training exercises into your running regimen if you aren't already doing them. 

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3. Commit to training

To improve your running endurance, you must be consistent in your training. 

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4. Alter rest times and intervals

Other than simply increasing the number of miles you run each week

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Sprint interval training is a type of high-intensity training used in many sports like running to help boost stamina and speed.

5. Sprint interval training

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According to Stonehouse, the interval length or duration will depend on the race distance you are preparing for. 

6. Train for your distance

A beginner's overall objective should be to gradually increase mileage while strengthening their muscles through resistance training.

7. Slowly increase weekly mileage