7 Ways to Sleep  Better with  Ulcerative Colitis

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1. Try different sleep positions

Depending on your symptoms or which side of your intestinal system is more inflamed, certain sleeping postures can make UC flares worse.

2. Consider your medications

A medical professional might be able to offer another treatment option that doesn’t impact your sleep.

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3. Talk with a healthcare professional

Insomnia and other sleep issues don't have to be handled by you alone. 

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4. Eat an early dinner

You could find it beneficial to eat dinner a little earlier if you discover that eating a large meal before bed disturbs your sleep .

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5. Treat your mental health

Physical symptoms and mental health disorders can occasionally coexist in an impossible situation: Sometimes it's difficult to tell which came first. 

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6. Meditate

Meditation can provide a variety of benefits that help people with UC sleep better.

7. Practice good sleeping habits

Developing consistent sleeping habits, also known as sleep hygiene, can help you get better sleep.