7 Yoga Stretches to  Help in Your  Recovery from Sick

Dashed Trail

1. Supported Child’s Pose

You might take pleasure in Child's Pose's delicious release even if you're not sick.

2. Legs up the wall

This straightforward posture is an inversion, which means it reverses blood flow to the brain.

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3. Modified Camel Pose

Nothing is more miserable than having chest congestion during the early stages of a cold.

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4. Cobra Pose

Cobra Pose opens the chest similarly to Camel Pose, enabling deeper, more thorough breaths.

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All of it is accomplished through Downward Dog! Along with hamstring, cavalry, and Achilles tendon stretches

5. Downward-Facing Dog

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Rag Doll Pose, another headache treatment, allows your body to relax by hanging limp.

6. Rag Doll Pose

Try a shoulder stand or the less strenuous plow stance if your particular condition involves diarrhea.

7. Shoulder Stand or Plow Pose