8 kidney-harming habits


Kidneys are vital. If it's defective, other organs may suffer. That's why renal health is crucial. Instead of consulting a doctor, many take headache and stomach pain medications from the pharmacy. This damages the kidneys.


Eating too much salt can damage the kidneys. The sodium present in salt increases blood pressure, which has a bad effect on the kidneys.

Consuming extra salt

Meat has enough protein. A high-protein diet raises renal metabolic load, which may cause kidney stones.

Nonveg food

Taking antibiotics or additional medications for mild issues might damage the kidneys. Do not use such drugs without medical advice.



Alcohol may damage your liver and kidneys if consumed often. Too much cold drink is dangerous.

Drinking wine

Toxins start accumulating due to the consumption of cigarettes or tobacco, which can cause kidney damage. This also increases BP, which affects the kidneys.

Cigarettes or tobacco

Bladder gets full when urine is held. When there is a problem with urine reflux, the urine comes up towards the kidney. Its bacteria can cause kidney infection.

Holding urine

Daily water intake should be 8-10 cups. Drinking less water than this damages renal function due to pollutants. Even with additional water, renal pressure rises.

More or less water

In obese persons, kidney injury risk is several times higher than in normal people. Overeating causes fast weight gain, so prevent it.


Sleeping fewer than 7-8 hours a day increases the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease, the research found. Such conditions increase kidney disease risk.

Lack of sleep