Fit Looks Like: the  Story of a Black  Woman

Dashed Trail

Letting go of impossible standards

I experienced added pressure as a dancer as a result of rejection. 

determining my own course to wellness

My relationship to my general wellness, physical fitness, and health is tangled and chaotic.

Dashed Trail

Defining our own standards

The ideal is lithe and white in the realm of wellness, fitness, and beauty—adjectives that will never apply to me or many other Black women.

Dashed Trail

Carving the way forward

This is the basis for organizations like Black Girls Run. 

Dashed Trail

In an effort to combat the rising obesity pandemic in the Black community, particularly among Black women, the organization was created in 2009.

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These kinds of organizations increase the diversity and accessibility of the fitness industry.

They reach out to us and show us love despite the fact that they innately understand the special fitness and health problems that their audience faces.