How Many Steps You Actually Need for Weight Loss ?

Walking is a great way to get some exercise. After all, it's simple to accomplish and calls for no special tools. Just put on your favorite socks and shoes and you're good to go.

To put it simply, it's good for you. Physically, mentally, and physiologically, walking has several benefits.

 Walking is low-impact and beneficial for your health since it increases circulation and reduces blood pressure. 

Perhaps, but most likely not. Why? Simply put, there is no such thing as a "magic number," since such a figure would be completely made up. 

Dr. Liana Casusi, MD, a qualified physician, "taking 10,000 steps a day is a traditional goal in achieving fitness and lowering the risk of heart disease and stroke."

"However, research shows that walking at least 15,000 steps per day is ideal for weight reduction. When you reach this milestone, your metabolism speeds up considerably, decreasing your risk of high blood.

Alicia Filley, a physical therapist, adds that you need a daily calorie deficit of 500 in order to lose one pound each week.

That's 500 more calories you'll need to either burn off or make up for in reduced caloric intake.

 By walking only 10,000 steps per day, the average person may burn 300 to 400 calories. That simply leaves a 100-200 calorie deficit each day to deal with. 


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