How to Avoid  Suicide Thoughts  and Get Support

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Reach out

Family members you can trust can listen and provide emotional support. 

Go somewhere safe

It can be simpler to prevent acting on suicidal ideas by getting to a safe place. 

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Lock up or get rid of weapons

Safety also means staying away from weapons, medications, or other possible methods of suicide.

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Avoid alcohol and other substances

Alcohol and other drugs may seem like a good way to dull unpleasant feelings, but you may find that they make depression and suicidal thoughts worse.

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Try grounding techniques

Grounding strategies include taking a little stroll, petting a pet, and practicing 4-7-8 breathing.

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Do something that helps you relax

Listening to music, savoring a favorite food or beverage, or looking at photos (or videos) of people and animals you love can help you feel calmer and less distressed.

Get professional support

Working with a trained mental health professional is generally the best way to manage thoughts of suicide.