Hydration and  Exercise

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When selecting a beverage for your workout, sometimes the simplest approach is the best. 

Choose the Right Beverage

According to Clark, there is no specific amount of water you should drink when exercising; instead, you should "drink to thirst." 

Consume the Right Amount

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Don't Drink Too Much

It is possible to consume too much fluid, however this rarely happens. In triathlons and marathons, the risk is greater.  

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Pack in Some Protein and Carbs

While exercising is good for you, it's common to incur minor cell or tissue damage after a workout.

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Many problems can result from not drinking enough water.

Know the Risks of Dehydration

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Clark recommended drinking fluids before you even begin to exercise

Drink Before and During Exercise

You need to start drinking about one and a one-half to two hours before running a marathon