5 Breakfast things to avoid


Remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We get the energy and nutrition we need to start the day. Not all breakfasts are equal. Five foods you should never eat at breakfast.

Sugary cereals may appear easy and appetizing, particularly for sweet tooths. However, they are one of the worst breakfast options.

Donuts and pastries: Though appealing, pastries and doughnuts are empty calories. These refined sugary snacks are harmful breakfast options due to their high fat and refined sugar content.


Breakfast bars: Many breakfast bars are candy bars, despite their healthful marketing. They usually include plenty of sugar, artificial ingredients, and little fiber or protein.

Breakfast sandwiches from fast food: Although handy, eating a fast-food breakfast sandwich on your way to work is unhealthy. Most of these sandwiches are rich in salt, fat, and processed components.

Flavored yogurt: Despite being touted as a healthy breakfast, flavored yoghurts might be misleading. They include plenty of sugar and artificial flavors.