Lose 10 Pounds in a  Month

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1. Try cardio for weight loss

Cardio can help you burn more calories to increase weight loss.

2. Eat fewer refined carbs

Refined carbs, which are low in nutrients, can cause spikes and crashes in blood sugar levels.

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3. Counting calories

Counting your calories can help increase weight loss when combined with other diet and lifestyle changes.

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4. Choose better beverages

Soda, juice, and sports drinks are high in calories and can contribute to weight gain. Instead, opt for water to drink.

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Eating slowly can decrease intake and improve feelings of fullness to enhance weight loss.

5. Eat slowly

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Increasing fiber consumption has been linked to decreases in both calorie intake and body weight.

6. Add fiber to your diet

Increased morning protein intake is associated with greater feelings of  fullness, decreased calorie intake, and reductions in body weight and  belly fat.

7. Eat a high protein breakfast