Refreshing Healthy  Eating: Editor's  Letter

Dashed Trail

We at Healthline Nutrition want to assist you in choosing foods that will improve your mood. 

We always begin by looking at the science, but we are aware that real-life eating does not follow a precise dietary pattern.

Dashed Trail

People seem to become more interested in nutrition, health, and wellness almost every January. 

Dashed Trail

While I appreciate the enthusiasm for better self-care, all too frequently, it begins with cutting out a lot of meals and going to the gym every day. 

Dashed Trail

Possibly less dramatic swaps, but they have a much higher chance of being long-lasting. 

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Only 9% of people are said to keep their resolutions every year, according to estimates. 

You're not the only one who struggles with knowing where to begin. Almost everyone has an opinion about nutrition, and those opinions are rarely, if ever, supported by facts.