Vegan Soul Food for Weight Loss

Serve these fried green tomatoes with some homemade remoulade (prepared with vegan mayo, of course). or as an accompaniment to vegan mac and cheese and bean stew.

This hearty meal from The Soul Food Pot writer Shaunda Necole is like a warm hug in a bowl. The Instant Pot is used in this simplified method, saving time and effort. 

Break out the cast-iron pan; we've got another vegan soul food dish for you to try. These savory cakes, created by Jenné Claiborne of Sweet Potato Soul

Because of its high protein, fiber, and iron content, tempeh may be used to turn any soul food dish into a vegan masterpiece. 

This vegan soul food dish is perfect for breakfast or weekend brunch, and it uses dairy-free butter and nutritional yeast to mimic the creamy, cheesy texture.

This vegan soul food dish just requires seven ingredients and twenty minutes to make from start to finish. The use of an air fryer is the dish's greatest selling point.

The collard greens in this dish get a boost of flavor from the curry powder. This 20-minute, one-pot rice and greens meal is packed with heart-healthy vitamins A, C, and K .

Easy enough to throw up for a last-minute contribution to a holiday potluck or weekend family barbecue, these vegan candied yams are the brainchild .


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