Why Are Taurus So Hard To Love?

The celestial spirit animal of Taurus makes a lot of sense, considering they tend to be quite bullheaded.

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1. They are stubborn.

The second sign in the zodiac often struggles to look outside of themselves.

2. Taurus is self-centered.

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3. They can have a temper.

Taurus tend to hide their emotions, so it takes a lot for them to get visibly upset.

Because it takes Taurus a while to trust others, they get very attached to their partners.

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4. They are possessive.

It takes a while for them to warm up to new people, so you'll probably always see them with the same set of friends.

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5. Taurus is emotionally unavailable.

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Their dominant personality mixed with unwavering stubbornness makes for a very bossy sign.

6. Taurus is bossy.

Relationships require to give and take, but Taurus doesn't always understand that.

Taurus is bossy.