Women's Fitness Walking Routine

Your goal throughout the warm-up should be to increase your heart rate and muscular activity. 

Then, do three sets of ten of each: bodyweight squats, a bench press, and a dumbbell overhead press.

You may think of it as a warmup for the actual exercise. If you walk at a normal speed for five minutes, you should feel better. 

It's time to speed things up a little. It's possible to carry on a conversation while walking at Level 3, but you should pay more attention to your breathing. 

Approximately seven minutes of this. Raise your heart rate; you're getting ready to give it a good workout.

You should do three sets of 10 forward lunges on each leg. This may be accomplished while moving or standing still. 

Walk as quickly as you can without breaking into a jog at Level 4. You have seven more minutes to continue. A little short of breath is normal.

To do a single-leg RDL, you must balance on one leg while lifting the other leg off the ground behind you and stretching both hands toward your toes. 

Once you've reached your toes (or as near as you can), slowly come back to the beginning position.

Rear deadlifts (RDLs) should be performed in sets of five, first with your left leg and then your right.


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