Yoga Stretches for  the Back, Hips, and  Legs During  Pregnancy

Dashed Trail


This stretch will assist in the gentle strengthening of the lower back, the reduction of hip and lower back discomfort, and the alleviation of round ligament pain.

Seated piriformis stretch

This stretch is helpful for those with low back or sciatic pain.

Dashed Trail

Child’s Pose

This pose is excellent for gently stretching aching hips, pelvic region, and quadriceps. Additionally, you will stretch the vertebrae, particularly the lower back.

Dashed Trail


Bridge provides a gentle stretch for your hip flexors.

Dashed Trail

This seated pose is a hip opener.

Bound Angle Pose

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This stretch is helpful for those with tight hip flexors.


During pregnancy, the large muscles that travel along the back of the thighs tend to tighten. 

Forward Fold