Zodiac Signs Who Are Marriage Material

They enjoy being in a couple, they're loyal and if you're lucky enough to have the opportunity to wed one

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1. Cancer

Capricorns are traditional, often old-fashioned and typically family-oriented.

2. Capricorn

They're passionate, impulsive and loving, which makes them one of the zodiac signs that are marriage material and a great catch.

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3. Aries

They aren't particularly aggressive, so it may take a while before you see signs of their affections, but you can trust the truth behind them.

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4. Pisces

Should you rouse a Taurus enough to get their energy flowing, they will create a romantic, loving and long-lasting connection.

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5. Taurus

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They will always consider your thoughts and feelings, and they are dynamic creatures.

6. Gemini

If you're able to intrigue them, they will make a great partner for life; however, their fascination wanes easily.

7. Scorpio